Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners

photography-guide-photography-explained1So you want to get serious with your photography skills and would really want to have high-quality images. Then you must have your first DSLR camera, a much better one than the compact or point-and-shoot camera. This is because a DSLR will give you the full creative control over your images, and it has a lot of advanced features that are hard to find in compact models.

There are a few big companies competing for your money once you decided to get your own, and the two topmost are Nikon and Canon. But this does not mean we’re not looking into other brands, as they also offer at par, if not better, DSLRs. If you’re ready to take the plunge in photography, here are your best choices.

Best Bundle DSLR Camera for Beginners

The Sony Alpha a58 DSLR Camera is the company’s frontrunner for people who are ready to move on from their compact cameras to a more professional one — that is the DSLR model — and for those who already own entry-level DSLR but want a better replacement. The first feature worth mentioning about the Alpha a58 is its electronic viewfinder, which boasts the OLED technology for improved brightness and contrast. What does an electronic viewfinder exactly do? For one, this feature helps you to see the changes you make to settings displayed in real time. Secondly, you’d only be spending lesss time in checkign whether or not you nailed your desired shot by looking at the viewfinder instead of doing so at the LCD screen.

Another cool feature of this camera is is Auto Object Framing that allows [the camera] to automatically crop portraits, macros, and even moving objects for better compositions. Sony has also included a number of simple features intended for beginners. These include Sweep Panorama and a range of Picture Effects and Picture Styles. This particular bundle includes 18-55mm lens, 32GB SDHC/SDXC memory card,  USB 2.0 card reader, Lithium Ion replacement battery, Focus HDMI to Micro HDMI cable, Tiffen 55mm UV Protector, gadget bag, 5 pieces accessory kit, and other stuff perfect for beginners.

Top-Rated Entry-Level DSLR Camera

If you’ve done your raw research on the best DSLR camera, you might have noticed that Nikon D3200 pops almost always even if this had been released in 2012. Professionals would highly recommend it, but there’s a more improved version: the Nikon D3300 DX-format DSLR Kit. It offers the same 24.2 MEGAPIXEL as the D3200, but omits the optical low-pass filter over the sensor, allowing it to capture sharper, more detailed images. The company has also mproved the user interface as well as the Guide Mode, to give it more functionality and make it a little cleaner in appearance.

This model boasts the latest generation of Nikon’s processing engine: the EXPEED 4. This particular engine allows the camera o shoot continuously at a maximum rate of 5fps up to 100 fine quality JPEGs. Moreover, with the EXPEED 4, the D3300 has the ability to record Full HD movie footage at framerates up to 50p/60p and with continuous autofocus. Also note that this amazing DSLR camera is Wi-Fi enabled. Included in the purchase are a memory card and a gadget bag.

Top-Rated Deluxe Bundle DSLR Camera

A list of entry-level DSLR cameras is never complete without at least one from Canon, and one of our few top choices is the Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera. It features an 18 megapixel sensor with  DIGIC 4 image processor. It also uses a pentamirror viewfinder to direct light from the lens to your eye. This is particularly advantageous for the complete beginners, but for those with experience, they may want higher quality viewfinders. Although, it isn’t at par with other topnotch entry-level DSLR cameras like that of Nikon, it is still a great choice  for its ability to record HD video. In fact, if you look around Youtube, most youtubers use the Canon Rebel series including the T5. And the best part, this particular bundle has everything you need to find your creative ways and experimentation.

Best Beginner DSLR Camera Under $400

Another amazing DSLR camera for beginners is the Pentax K-50 16MP Digital SLR Camera Kit. Honestly, we prefer this more than the Canon EOS Rebel T5 image quality wise. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Pentax is its being weatherproof, which is a great advantage if you love to do outdoor photography. The sensor in it, too, is pretty special as it features the popular Shake Reduction System exclusive to Pentax lenses. When this is activated, he sensor can automatically rotate by up to one degree to correct problems with sloping horizons in compositions. There’s also a digital level display option for both the viewfinder and the LCD screen.

The Pentax K-50 has the ability to shoot in raw format that is in DNG, rather than a proprietary to the camera file format. This matters if you’re using a software, whether that’s Photoshop or something else, as it would be able to read any files from the camera than having to wait for an update. Pick this up if you want quality and affordability at the same time.

Best Waterproof Cameras 2015

How-to-make-the-most-of-your-compact-camera-on-holiday-01_360x240If you love the mountains and seas and you want to explore them more through hiking and snorkeling or diving, then it’s a must that you have a waterproof camera at hand. This is to makes sure you have something to keep from your adventures, something that you can look back to.

There are, of course, a wide array of choices in the market. Not all of them, though, are created equal. Some may be waterproof but the image quality they produce is rather disappointing. Others are not as waterproof as they are advertised. There are only a handful of waterproof cameras that give great value, and these are the choices you want to have.

Below are five of the few best waterproof cameras.

Best Waterproof Digital Camera

The Olympus TG-4 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera doesn’t only look stylish but also performs great underwater. It is the much improved version of last year’s TG-3 model that’s also shockproof and waterproof. Although there’s no real difference when it comes to their external design, the changes are actually all under the hood. There are new scene modes, a RAW capture, and a faster GPS. In fact, this is the first ever model in the camera industry that is rugged, waterproof and with RAW file capture capability all in one. Moreover, it can be taken in as deep as 50 feet of water without an add-on housing. It is freezeproof at up to 14 degrees F, shockproof at up to 7 feet, and crushproof at up to 220 pounds. Additional feature is its F2.0 High-Speed Lens that captures light fast, preventing blurry photos and producing only crisp, detailed images with minimal noise even in low light settings.

Top-Rated Waterproof Digital Camera

The Panasonic DMC-TS6D LUMIX WiFi Enabled Tough Adventure Camera boasts its easy connection via NFC and Wi-Fi, but that’s just the surface of what this powerful compact camera can do. It features the Panasonic Image App that allows a user to utilize his/her smartphone or tablet as a controller to set the focus, shoot from a distance, and zoom. If you’ve been shooting with low quality camera underwater, you might have noticed the red tones that are easily lost in underwater shooting. The DMC-TS6D, though, solves this dilemma through its Advanced Underwater Mode that is boosted with red color reproduction to create more natural underwater images when you’re in the water. This rugged camera also features a high-quality LEICA DC lens with 4.6x optical zoom from 28mm wide-angle (35mm camera equivalent: 28-128mm). Meeting Leica’s stringent standards, this durable lens delivers exceptional performance to the edges. Plus, anti-fog glass in the lens cover prevents the annoying fogging. Finally, it is constructed with a torch light that helps record beautiful videos even in dusky underwater environments or in camp at night.

Top-Rated Shockproof Waterproof Camera

The Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera does not have too many bells and whistles like its competitors, but it offers the ease of use most divers and adventurers need in a compact camera. In fact, it is the deepest diver of all waterproof cameras in the market today, having a depth rating of 82 feet. It is also shockproof when dropped from as high as 6.5 feet and works great even at 14 to 104 degrees F. Its fresh case design is also geared towards ease of use, as it features oversized controls that are exceptionally easy to operate underwater and even when you’re wearing gloves. GPS location tagging is present in the D30, as is Full HD video recording. The only downside of this camera is its not-so satisfying image quality when you compare it to its competitors.

Best Waterproof Camera for the Money

For those who trust the Nikon brand so much and want a camera from this company that you can take when you go on an adventure, then the Nikon 1 AW1Digital Camera is the perfect fit. It is a 14-megapixel mirrorless model that is waterproof to a depth of 49 feet for roughly an hour. It is also guranteed to survive a drop from a height of up to 6.6 feet onto a relatively hard surface. Additional features include those that you’d expect from a good mirrorless camera,such as full manual, aperture, shutter priority modes, automatic controls, as well as creative modes like shooting at 400fps and 1200fps for slow-motion playback. It has a speed at maximum 15 frames-per-second continuous shooting speed with autofocus. And it captures 1080p HD video.