Best Wi-Fi Cameras for Instagram

instagram-iconInstagram has been one of the strongest social media today. Over 200 million people, including high-profile celebrities and politicians. If you’re one who uses this app a lot, then you know how great this photo-sharing app is to connect with people you know and take a glimpse of the lives of those you admire.  But have you ever wondered how others manage to post high-quality image while you can only use photo-filtering or photo-editing app to help you get a decent one to post?

Sure, you can use your smartphone’s camera to take pictures, but most of the time, you’d get a blurry, low-quality result. So, if you want to take great shots and look flawless in photos, dithc your phone’s camera and get a Wi-Fi enabled ‘real’ camera. Here are a few suggestions you can start with.

Best Rated Camera for Instagram

The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is arguably a perfect camera you can have if Instagram is your main platform of sharing. You can download all the fancy apps you can find to make your photos better, thanks to the Android 4.3, Jelly Bean built on board. Its powerful quad-core processor makes for high-quality photo result as well, limiting your use of any photo-editing app. But if you deem editing is a must, this camera allows you to do so right on the display and upload them wirelessly to Facebook and Instagram.

This model from Samsung also boasts a 21x zoom lens along with an intuitive Pinch Zoom function, which allows you to zoom in and out by pinching two fingers on the screen. You can get as close as possible to your subject while maintaining the image sharpness. Moreover, there are numerous special shoot modes you can take advantage of. Action Freeze mode lets you capture a high-speed scene, while Drama Shot enables you to merge continuous shots of moving objects into a single compressed image. There’s also the Light Trace mode to capture trails of light at night. Indeed, this camera’s got a lot of possibilities.

Top-Rated Mirrorless Digital Camera

A favorite mirrorless digital camera among beginner photographers who love Instagram at the same time is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mirrorless Digital Camera. The most important feature, if you’re into social media sharing, is its Wi-Fi capability. The setup is identical to iOS and Android devices; you scan a QR code displayed on the camera’s rear LCD. Once you are connected to a network, you can transfer JPG images and QuickTime videos to your phone and share them to Instagram whenever you want.

Its advantage over the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 primarily lies on image quality. Since this is a mirrorless digital camera, you’d expect a lot of difference, especially on shooting images at low light conditions. Moreover, you can use different lens sizes for better image results.

Top-Rated Wi-Fi Compact Camera

The rave about the Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera does not lie: this compact camera is impressive! It’s relatively small and only weighs 10.2 ounces, enough to slide into your pocket. It can  pair via NFC with compatible Android devices, or via a Wi-Fi password with other Android and iOS phones and tablets. The free Sony PlayMemories Mobile app allows you to transfer Raw and JPG images and MP4 movies as well for easy Instagram-sharing. Moreover, remote control via other device is possible via the included Smart Remote app, which is accessible via the camera menu. There’s no need to transfer files from the camera to a phone or tablet anymore when you use Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. Additional functionality via app downloads includes direct upload of photos to these popular websites.

When it comes to image quality, there’s nothing to compain about: its the best in the compact devices category! This bundle includes a 64GB card, two spare batteries, rapid AC/DC charger, SD card reader, camera case, LCD screen protectors, and tabletop tripod.

Top-Rated Wi-Fi DSLR Camera

If the highest quality of image is what you’re after, there’s no better choice than a DSLR camera. Our favorite to recommend to beginners and advanced photographers is the Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera. This is definitely a solid option as well when you want to move up from a compact camera.

It includes both an in-camera GPS and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi makes it possible to transfer images from the D5300 to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll need to download the free Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for Android or iOS to get started. When Wi-Fi is enabled, the D5300 broadcasts its own network, which you can connect to from your phone. It’s possible to transfer both JPG and Raw images, although the Raw images you capture will copy to your phone in JPG format. You can’t transfer videos, though. Additionally, enabling the GPS automatically adds geographic location data to all of your photos. Finally, remote control via your handheld device is possible.